Danger with electronics is fun!

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Hi. My name is Ryan, and I like electronics, explosions, and cool things. As I am sure other people also like electronics, explosions, cool things, or any combination of those, I feel that it is important to document my exciting forays into dangerous creations. It is important to keep in mind that many of my creations would make the fire marshal nauseous, so, uh, don't invite him over to my place. I don't want to have to clean up the vomit.

Recent (and pending) publications:

  - R.R. Curtin, P. Ram, "Dual-Tree Fast Exact Max-Kernel Search", submitted to Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, 2013.

  - R.R. Curtin, W.B. March, P. Ram, D.V. Anderson, A.G. Gray, C.L. Isbell Jr., "Tree-Independent Dual-Tree Algorithms", accepted in The International Conference on Machine Learning 2013 (ICML 2013), Atlanta, Georgia, 2013.

  - R.R. Curtin, J.R. Cline, N.P. Slagle, W.B. March, P. Ram, N.A. Mehta, A.G. Gray, "MLPACK: A Scalable C++ Machine Learning library", The Journal Of Machine Learning Research (JMLR), p. 801-805, 2013.

  - R.R. Curtin, P. Ram, A.G. Gray, "Fast Exact Max-Kernel Search", in SIAM Data Mining 2013 (SDM 2013), Austin, Texas, 2013.

  - R.R. Curtin, J.R. Cline, N.P. Slagle, M.L. Amidon, A.G. Gray, "MLPACK: A Scalable C++ Machine Learning Library", in NIPS 2011 Workshop on Big Learning, Granada, Spain, 2011.

  - R.R. Curtin, N. Vasiloglou, D.V. Anderson, "Learning distances to improve phoneme classification", in Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning in Signal Processing (MLSP 2011), Beijing, China, 2011.

Recent Updates

2009.01.13: l.o.u.n.g.e. 2008 edition and control page done. Current focus is s.c.r.e.a.m., for now.
2008.05.29: l.o.u.n.g.e. page completed and published... finally
2008.05.01: s.c.r.e.a.m. final report and final presentation added.
2008.03.11: s.c.r.e.a.m. reports and proposal added.
2007.11.26: s.o.l. meter status update - this is more complicated than I had hoped...